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Distributors for Henkel Products High Quality Engineering Adhesives and Sealants, RTV Silicons. Moly Graph, Pidilite.Insulative Varnishes, CCPPI Self Adhesives / Insulated Tapes



 Anti-Seize Lubrication

  • Lubrications protect against rust, corrosion, seizing, & galling
  • Provide lubrication in extreme environments
Silver Grade
Color Silver Copper Silver
Solid Lubricating Agent Graphite/Aluminuim Copper/Graphite Nickel/Graphite
Toyque Coeffecient 0.18 0.16 0.15
Temperature Range -20°F-1600°F
Avaialble Sizes 1 lb. 1 gal 1 lb. 8lb, 42 lb 1 lb. 8lb
Heavy Duty
Food Grade
Color Black Grey White
Solid Lubricating Agent Graphite/Calcium Fluoride Zinc White Lubricating Solids
Toyque Coeffecient 0.16 0.15 0.16
Temperature Range -20°F-2400°F
Avaialble Sizes 1 lb. 45 lb 1 lb. 8 oz., 2 lb

Marine Grade
Color Black
Solid Lubricating Agent Calcium Sulfonate
Toyque Coeffecient 0.18
Temperature Range -20°F-2400°F
Avaialble Sizes 8 oz., 16 oz
Loctite Silver Grade

heavy-duty, temperature-resistant, petroleum based Lubrications compound fortified with graphite and metallic flake. Inert, will not evaporate or harden in extreme cold or heat. for use in assemblies up to 1600°F(871°C). ABS Approved. Tested to MIL-PRF-907E

Loctite C5-A
Copper Based Anti-Seize

Exclusive formula suspends copper and graphite in a high-quality grease. Lubrications Protects metal pars from rust, corrosion, galling, and seizing at temperatures to 1800°F (982°C). Tested to MIL-PRF-907E

Loctite Nickel

Copper-free. Recommended for stainless steel and other metal fittings. For Lubrications preventing corrosion, seizing, and galling in harsh, chemical environments, and temperature to 2400°F (1315°C). ABS Approved.
Additional Products
White Hi-Temp 2000°F
High Temp
N-1000 1800°F
Power Plant,
Copper Based
N-5000 2400°F
Power Plant
Nickel Based
N-5000 High Performance 2400°F
Power Plant,
Nickel Based,
High Lubricity
N-7000 2400°F
Power plant
Metal Free
Moly-50 750°F
Thread Lubricant
Graphite -50 900°F
Electricity Conductive Nonmetallic
Moly Paste 750°F
Withstands extreme pressure, heavy loads

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