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Distributors for Henkel Products High Quality Engineering Adhesives and Sealants, RTV Silicons. Moly Graph, Pidilite.Insulative Varnishes, CCPPI Self Adhesives / Insulated Tapes



Anti-Slip Flooring

  • Anti-Slip Flooring provide chemical resistance
  • Anti-Slip Flooring designed to increase the Coefficient of Friction (COF)
  • Exceeds OSHA COF recommendations

Big Foot™
Vehicular Grade

Big Foot™
Heavy Duty Pedestrain
Color Black, Grey, & Tile Red Black & Grey
COF (Dry/Wet) 1.05/1.05 1.17/1.00
Coverage per Gallon(ft2/meter2) 40 ft2 (3.7m2) 50 ft2 (4.7m2)
Working Time 4 hrs N.A
Drying Time(Light Pedestrain Traffic/Heavy Pedestrain Traffic) 12/72 hrs 12/72 hrs
Avaialble Sizes 1 gallon, 5 gallon kits 1 gallon, 5 gallon kits
Loctite Big Foot™
Vehicular Grade

Withstands even the heaviest rolling equipment traffic. Resists liquids as harsh as jet fuels & hydraulic fluids. Superior adhesion forms a solid bond to metal, concrete, and wood.
Loctite Big Foot™
Heavy Duty Pedestrain Grade

For areas with heavy pedestrain or light rolling traffic. Ideal for ramps, walkays, locker rooms, stairs, and assembly areas.
Additional Products  
Big Foot™ Zero V.O.C Most Aggressive Profile & Odor Sensitive Areas
Big Foot™ Low Profile Recreation or Barefoot Traffic
Big Foot™ Acrylic Pedestrain Grade Metal
Big Foot™ Metal Primer Metal
Big Foot™ Acrylic Primer Acrylic Pedestrain Grade
Big Foot™ Primer/Sealer Porous Surfaces (ex. Concrete, Wood, Tile)

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