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Distributors for Henkel Products High Quality Engineering Adhesives and Sealants, RTV Silicons. Moly Graph, Pidilite.Insulative Varnishes, CCPPI Self Adhesives / Insulated Tapes



 Parts & Surface Cleaning

  • Surface Cleaning offers clean and degrease work surfaces and parts
Electrical Contact & Parts Cleaner
Non-Flammable Electrical Contact Cleaner
Chisel Gasket Remover
Chisel NC-FREE Gasket Remover
Available Sizes 11 oz. aerosol 15 oz. aerosol 18 oz. aerosol 15.25 oz. aerosol
Natural Blue
Aque Power
Cleaner & Degreaser
ODC Free
Cleaner & Degreaser
Pro Strength Degreaser
Available Sizes
1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon
17 oz. aerosol
15 oz. aerosol 16 oz. pump spray,
1 gallon
15 oz. aerosol

Pro Strength Cleaner
Available Sizes 19 oz. aerosol

Loctite Electrical Contact & Parts Cleaner
Fast-evaporaing cleaner removes gaskets, oil and other contamintes from electrical parts and mechanical equipments. Contains no CFCs or HCFCs and is safe on most plastics. Non-conductive and non-corrosive.
Loctite Non-Flammable Electrical Contact Cleaner
Removes grease, oil, and other contaminates from electrical parts to prevent contact failure. Dries residue-free in seconds. Non-conductive, non-corrosive, non-flammable. Contains no CFCs or Class | ODCs. Contains HCFC-141 b. May attack some sensitive plastics.
Loctite Chisel Gasket Remover
removes gaskets from any type of assemblt in 10 to 15 minutes. Prepares metal parts for new gaskets, eliminating scraping and sanding. Works on wood; non-corrosion on aluminium. Not for use with plastics, linoleum, or synthetic fibers.
Loctite Chisel MC-FREE Gasket Remover
Free of Metjylene Chloride, Chisel MC-FREE has a foaming action that lifts off gaskets from any type of assembly in minutes. Performs better than Methylene Chloride formulations on Silicone gaskets and remove most spray paints from steel panels in less than 30 seconds. Suitable for wood and plaster. Not for use on Plastics, Linoluem, or Synthetic fibers.
Additional Products  
Pro Strength Varnish Remover 12 oz. Aerosol
Multi Purpose Glass Cleaner 18.75 oz. Aerosol
Paint Stripper 18 oz. Aerosol
Non-Chlorinated Parts Cleaner 14.75 oz. Aerosol

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